Workshop on

Computational Methods for Strongly Correlated Systems and Nanomagnetics

September 26 - October 1, 2004
Lugano, Switzerland

Sponsored by AMD and MaNeP
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Scope of the workshop

The topics of the workshop are modern computational algorithms and tools for classical and quantum lattice models, in particular nanomagnets and strongly correlated quantum systems. In-depth tutorials on the algorithms will be combined with "hands-on" sessions and research talks highlighting recent applications. Participants will get to know modern algorithms and learn to use the ALPS collaboration's application suite for strongly correlated systems and the Psi-Mag Toolset for nanomagnetics developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The workshop is targeted at both theoreticians, who want to deepen their understanding of numerical methods, as well as experimentalists, who want to use the application codes for modeling purposes.

Scientific Program

Topics of the tutorials and "hand-on" sessions include Speakers

F. Alet (ETH Zurich)
G. Brown (Tallahassee)
D. Poilblanc (Toulouse)
H. G. Evertz (TU Graz)
C. Kollath (RWTH Aachen)
A. Läuchli (EPF Lausanne)
I. McCulloch (RWTH Aachen)
S. Manmana (Stuttgart)
R. Noack (Marburg)
J. Richter (Magdeburg)
U. Schollwöck (RWTH Aachen)
T. Schulthess (ORNL)
S. Todo (Tokyo)
S. Trebst (ETH Zurich)
S. Wessel (Stuttgart)

Information for program participants

Program of the workshop

Talks of the workshop


Matthias Troyer (ETH Zurich)
Uli Schollwöck (RWTH Aachen)

Local Organization

Swiss National Supercomputing Centre